Leaders of Real Estate Development in Puebla

We are real estate developers in Puebla that propose residential and mix use condominiums of very high quality and exceptional value in privileged locations. All our projects are characterized by integrating cutting-edge architectural solutions.


We build accessible, safe and practical cities for an urban world.


Commitment: We assume responsibilities and make things happen.

Integrity: We act with coherence and ethics.

Excellence: We seek to exceed the committed standards.

Communication: We transmit our messages in a timely, clear and direct manner, ensuring that the desired objective is achived.



The most important at Grupo Une, is to give you a unique new space, with the highest quality to exceed your expectations.
Explore our map and fall in love with the personality and sophistication of our buildings.

In a continuously expanding market, Grupo UNE remains as an industry leader, by always keeping in mind that our success is consequent to honoring the following operating principles:

Innovation applied to design, architectural control, construction techniques and personnel development, which allows us to reach and exceed the highest market standards.

Respecting and fulfilling all laws and regulations established by government offices.

Creation of long-term and high-value relationships with strategic allies, vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, investors, employees and partners; based on ethical and honest treatment, which promotes the development of projects with minimal risk and high rates of return.

Focusing on the customer, they are our priority, pushing the idea that no sale is final.

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